Saturday, August 7, 2010


5k 28 mins 331 calories

Me and Breanna did the 5k run for the fair this morning, It was a good time !!!! Here is Laci,Breanna,me and Kloe our little cheerleader at my moms house before the race.

I got my boutiful basket today, and im determined to use everything in there, and cook more so I started with this: chopped it up

Gettin creative !!!!. I mixed this stuff with some curry powder, basil leaves, and a little bit of splenda.

Threw the veggies in one of these.

I love these things, they are amazing. Im all about cooking in the wicrowave ~ I could probably cook thanksgiving dinner in there !!!!

Cooked up some of this

I then through the vegetables,coconut milk,and spices in a pan heated it up mixed all together good, and ...........sorta like a low fat thai curry.
This is how it turned out, im very surprised it turned out so good since I was kinda just going with what I had and not really following a recipie or anything, and Bill actually liked it ALOT !!!! yeah for me. I estimated it to be about 4 or 5 ww points with a 1/2 cup of rice

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