Friday, February 25, 2011

The little things

Workout: 30 mins treadmill ( intervals ) 2 activity points

Points goal 29
egg sand 5points+
mandrin oranges 0points+
apple 0points+
string cheese 0points+
spinich turkey wrap 5points+
cottage chs w/ mandrin oranges 2 points+
orange 0 points+
cupcake 6points+
cherry sours 2points+
pear 0points+
1/2 cookie 6points+
cheeseburger w/ lettuce bun 5 points+
twix 7 points+
Total 39 points
10 weekly points used
39 weekly points left

(side note: even though I went over points I feel good about the fact that I counted everything and none of it was just mindless eating )

So I really have been trying counting "most" of my points, working out ect... Yesterday I was so discurraged because I was tired and didnt want to get up and work out and since I had worked out 6 days in a row I didnt really feel to bad about taking a day off. When I did my daily weigh in I was so annoyed that it wasnt any different that it has been when I had been working my butt of for the last little while. So I decided it was time to get serious and go back to meetings before this gets any worse. The meeting just so happened to be on how just because one serving is 2 points it does mean that 2 servings is 4 ect... So that got me kinda thinking about all the LITTLE things I just pop in my mounth. (aka hershey kisses ) I came home and figured out the points for them um yah 1 piece. So if I have a couple in the afternoon and a couple in the evening freak that could be like 10 extra points a day. and let me tell you Im not one of those people that done eat all her points I dont have points to spare. So this week im and going to track EVERYTHING !!!!! So we will see how it goes. Kinda makes since that im been stuck

Um yah lets call this a "before" picture !!! Hopefully soon there is and "after" picture that looks alot better !!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Tuesday was my mom's birthday so her,my dad,Kaden,Breanna,and Kloe came over and we went to dinner then came to my house for some cake. I love my mom so much she is ALWAYS doing so much for me. She really is my bestfriend, I have to talk to her atleast once everyday most of the time more. She turned 45 so here is 45 of the reasons I love her !!!
1.Shopping trips
2.Going to her house for dinner ( seriouly she wouldnt mind if we came every night )
3. She helps me soooo sooo much with everything.
4. When Ope got hit by a car and I had to take her to Hurricane to the vet she took the day off work and went with us . She drove the whole way with Oprah standing on the console breathing dog breath all over and she never complained once.
5. She's fun to hang out with
6. She drops everything when I need her ( When I have had to go to the doctor recently it wasnt really planned and she dropped everything so we could go that day. )
7. She usually has some kind of gossip to tell me !!! he he he
8. She ran a half marathon with me
9. She lost like 70 pounds with me
10. She always makes me the BEST chocolate cake to take to work and share
11. When something im wearing doesnt look so hot she can tell me in a nice way
12. She can pick out clothes for me
13. she does pick out clothes for me and just buys them for me
14. When ever I do her hair she helps me clean I mean DEAP clean my house
15. She is as excited as I am or more for me to "someday" (hopefully soon) have a baby
16. she's the best grandma ever
17. She still remembers her first grandkids Ope and Bluey ( she buys them presents too )
18. She lets Ope and Bluey climb all over her when she comes to visit ( um yah the are very misbehaved )
19. She taught me work ethic
20. She has more energy than I even dream about ( she broke her foot and had to have surgury so I went over to help her, I get there and she is vacuming the curtins and ceiling !! wtf ??? I dont even do that when im well and fine )
21. Before she broke her foot she would walk like 5 or 6 miles and day (pretty motivating )
22. When we go shopping we always stop at Dairy Queen for a "treat" on the way home.
23. She still gets me an easter basket
24. She gets me a mothers day present too. (cause im Ope and Bluey's momma )
25. She taught me that if its raining or snowing out you might as well just put you're hair in a pony tail
26. She used to let us eat choc pudding for breakfast ( only sometimes )
27. The brady bunch (one day when I was in 2nd grade and home sick from school she told me to watch this show I would like it and I did and I still watch it from time to time.....)
29. The OC ( oh how I loooooved that show, When Nicki and I both lived in Kanab we would have OC night every Thursday. We would get some escobars, and a coke from juction and hang out at Nicki's and watch away)
30. she taught me to clean and to have a clean house ( sometimes im sure she thinks that this isnt true but it is way way deep down in side mom Im as much as a clean freak as you.)
31. hmmmm well she still looks 31and im runnign out of things. Although there are many reasons more why I love my mom. This list probably makes it sound like I just love shopping with her and that she does tons of things for me and buys me stuff but I really do love my mom soooo sooo much and and am soooo THANKFULL for everything she does for me, and I hope someday I can be as wonderful as mom and grandma as she is . I love you mom.
Grandma Shelie and baby Kloe

Oprah wanted some of Kloe's yogurt melts

My dad and kaden
My mom cutting her cake !!!! Thankyou Julie for the yummy cake !!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

points for today

breakfast burito 5points+
banana 0
apple 0
string cheese 2
salad 2
orange 0
protien shake 2
sloppy joe 8
cottage chs 2
milk 2
total 24
Then it all went down hill ...... 3 sugar cookies and lots of chocolate candies ....eek Lets hope that i do better tomarow. In good news I did good with my snacking at work now if I could just control my self better in the evenings....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tomarrow is new day

Thank god !! So starting tomarrow im going to start posting what im eating and the points because I need to do something to stay more acountable, because even though im doing okay on the excerize part im really sucking on the eating. I always start the day really good then around 11:00 im wanting a "treat" then starts the candy train usually until about 8:00 or 9:00 at night. WTF im not hungry so why do I eat so much ????? I just tell my self that tomarrow is a new day and its up to me to make good choices. Even though the scale is up a little bit it could be a whole hell of alot worse......because it has been so im just going to be happy that it is where it is and work on getting back down.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday

I did it I got my hour of exercize in today I did 30 mins of running intervals on the treadmill this morning and then another 30mins on the elipical after work. The after work workout was a major accomplishment because usually after work I just want to come home and veg out infront of the tv or computer !!!! ( Yah I have a "very" active lifestyle ) ha ha but im trying to change that. Hear is my dinner all that for 8points+ not bad. It was alright not amazing but ok.

I always seem to be able to stay within my points on Monday and make good choices, I kinda feel like Monday are a fresh start, and usually after my weekends I need it !!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Goals met !!!

I did it I workout out everyday last week mon-sat. I dont even remember the last time that happend, so on Sat afternoon I took my little self to the store and got my some new magazines !!!! So for this week its the same plan except this time im going to try to make it at least 1hr a day, I need to start seeing some results !!! I think I might need a new shirt or something if I can make it all week this week !!!

Vegas 2010

In December my mom and I ran the LasVegas rock and roll half marathon. We had a lot fun Im so used to running by myself it was nice to have someone to talk to the whole time.

We went to Vegas the day before and we wanted to make sure that we had plenty of time to shop so I think we left at like 6:30 in the morning !!!! Oh we had plenty of time to shop we were in Vegas by 10:00. My dad is such a trooper at such events he gladly just came along and drove us around to store after store, mall after mall. Even when we would tell him a wrong road and we would get a little lost he would just joke about it. Seriously he had me laughing so hard a few times there was seriouly tears running down my face. We had to go pick up our running packets at the expo at Harrahs, well the nfr is taking place the same weekend and thats the same place as cowboy chrismas. So trying to find a place to park was pretty much imposible. After driving around the parking garage forever we saw these people standing in a space saving it. So we were like what the heck thats what we are going to have to do so we waited till we saw some people getting off the elevator and then kinda followed them to their car and my mom jumped out to save their place. Well it sounded like a good plan but another car wanted the place too so the freakin people started yelling mean names at my mom, but we got the place !!!! (maybe you had to bring their but at the time I was laughing, evan my mom thought it was pretty funney )Later that day we were still joking about it we met up with Nicki and her and my mom were riding in her car and my dad would be all hey call youre mom and tell her to get out and save us a place in the parking lot !!!!! After a day of shopping with my mom I was already exhausted by the time it was time to run the next morning !!!!
I was so glad when it was over. We didnt get to do to many fun "vegas" things the night before, but we went a few places and did a few things. Nicki tried to talk us into going out and living it up....... but maybe next time !!!!