Monday, February 13, 2012


Here is random things about my pregnancy but it uploaded wierd
30 ish weeks
27- 28 ish weeks

This is just random things and pictures about my pregnancy, I wanted to blog about that before I do the birth story and start blogging all about my little Andee Kay !!!
Finding out I was pregnant- I wanted so bad to be pregnant and have a baby that even when I was a week late I was trying not to get my hopes up. I took a pregnancy test on Sunday and it must have been old or disfunctional or something because it literaly took like 20mins (no joke) to finally read not pregnant. So I went with it I was telling my friend and she was like you have to take another one, and I was like okay maybe next weekend I didnt really think I was pregnant. Then on Wednesday of the same week I was working that night at Rocking V, I hadnt ate the healthiest that day I had some cookies and candy and ate an early lunch, but that really wastn that abnormal for me. So we were busy and I was running around like crazy when I noticed that my eyes where doing something weird. It was like everyone was kinda like twinkling ( it was wierd ) the I started to get black cirlces in front of my eyes. I had never had anything like that happen so I ate a handful of gardeto's and seemed to be fine. That was when I kinda got thinkin that maybe I was pregnant. Another thing that week I was craving steak like no other..... ( I dont really like steak all that much so that was also kinda wierd ) So finally on Friday after work I came home and took another test and what do you know it said pregnant !!!! I was so excited.
I went to the doctor when I was 7 weeks and he confirmed that I was pregnant and the baby had a heart beat and everything looked good. I was so glad but super paranoid that something would happen so we held off on telling everyone for a little while.
First Trimester - I was very lucky I probably had one of the easiest pregnancies in the history. I was able to work both jobs the whole time and everyone was very understanding. I wasnt very sick just nautious alot,and really tired but I didnt care if it meant that my baby was healthy and growing then I would take it. If I had a day that I wasnt nautious I got worried !! In June we got to hear the heart beat that was one of the best days I was so happy to hear that and know that everything was okay.
Second Trimester - It was great, I was so glad to have energy again.
Third Trimester - Every thing was going good.... I still had energy sleeping wasnt to uncomfortable yet. Then at about 37 weeks I got a cold. Holy mother I have never had a cold that bad in my life it was horrible. My nose ran constantly, coughing.... freak I thought poor Andee was going to get shaking baby syndrom I would get coughing fits and just hold my stomache. It was literaly still coughing 3 or 4 weeks later in the delivery room when I had her.
Over all pregancy wasnt that bad for my I only gained like 30ish pounds and worked right up until the day I had her.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

39 Weeks

Here is Nicki and I, we realized that we didnt have any "pregnant" pictures of the two of us togather. This picture was taken on Dec 30, 2011 I was so ready to not be pregnant at this point. I was so sure that my baby would be here before Christmas then that didnt happen, I had the whole week after Christmas off from work and I was sure that she would come that week......That didnt happen. I basicaly spent that whole week walking,cleaning,hanging out with my mom, and sleeping. I was so freaking tired that week. This day was horrible I was so emotional, I was worried because I wanted my baby to come before the end of the year because then everything would be covered under my insurance, and it just wasnt happenin. Then we thought that my couisin was going to have her baby this day and she wasnt due until two weeks after me....... that was the last straw, I seriouly just cried. It didnt matter what people said that day it would make me cry !!!! I went to my moms house to hang out and me and Nicki and her "little" dog Syd just curled up on the couch and slept. So this is me and 39 weeks pregant and I think Nicki is around 20 or 21 weeks pregnant.

As I got to the end of my pregnancy and just wanted my baby here soooo freakin bad I realized some things all the women I talked to were like go walking, try caster oil ect...... they were all about getting the baby here. All the guys were like she will come when she's ready it will be okay ect.... I just found that kinda interesting !!!! Even my brothers friend ( who is not married or has no girlfriend and really no expierence with babies or pregnant women) was very reasuring in the fact that "she" ( my baby ) would come when she is ready. ) REALLY...... When he told me that I almost killed him how the hell would he know. I know he was trying to be suportive and since its the thought that counts, and earlier that day he had offered to take me for a ride on his razor to help me go into labor I didnt go phycho pregnant beotch on him, but I kinda found it funney after the fact.......