Monday, February 13, 2012


Here is random things about my pregnancy but it uploaded wierd
30 ish weeks
27- 28 ish weeks

This is just random things and pictures about my pregnancy, I wanted to blog about that before I do the birth story and start blogging all about my little Andee Kay !!!
Finding out I was pregnant- I wanted so bad to be pregnant and have a baby that even when I was a week late I was trying not to get my hopes up. I took a pregnancy test on Sunday and it must have been old or disfunctional or something because it literaly took like 20mins (no joke) to finally read not pregnant. So I went with it I was telling my friend and she was like you have to take another one, and I was like okay maybe next weekend I didnt really think I was pregnant. Then on Wednesday of the same week I was working that night at Rocking V, I hadnt ate the healthiest that day I had some cookies and candy and ate an early lunch, but that really wastn that abnormal for me. So we were busy and I was running around like crazy when I noticed that my eyes where doing something weird. It was like everyone was kinda like twinkling ( it was wierd ) the I started to get black cirlces in front of my eyes. I had never had anything like that happen so I ate a handful of gardeto's and seemed to be fine. That was when I kinda got thinkin that maybe I was pregnant. Another thing that week I was craving steak like no other..... ( I dont really like steak all that much so that was also kinda wierd ) So finally on Friday after work I came home and took another test and what do you know it said pregnant !!!! I was so excited.
I went to the doctor when I was 7 weeks and he confirmed that I was pregnant and the baby had a heart beat and everything looked good. I was so glad but super paranoid that something would happen so we held off on telling everyone for a little while.
First Trimester - I was very lucky I probably had one of the easiest pregnancies in the history. I was able to work both jobs the whole time and everyone was very understanding. I wasnt very sick just nautious alot,and really tired but I didnt care if it meant that my baby was healthy and growing then I would take it. If I had a day that I wasnt nautious I got worried !! In June we got to hear the heart beat that was one of the best days I was so happy to hear that and know that everything was okay.
Second Trimester - It was great, I was so glad to have energy again.
Third Trimester - Every thing was going good.... I still had energy sleeping wasnt to uncomfortable yet. Then at about 37 weeks I got a cold. Holy mother I have never had a cold that bad in my life it was horrible. My nose ran constantly, coughing.... freak I thought poor Andee was going to get shaking baby syndrom I would get coughing fits and just hold my stomache. It was literaly still coughing 3 or 4 weeks later in the delivery room when I had her.
Over all pregancy wasnt that bad for my I only gained like 30ish pounds and worked right up until the day I had her.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

39 Weeks

Here is Nicki and I, we realized that we didnt have any "pregnant" pictures of the two of us togather. This picture was taken on Dec 30, 2011 I was so ready to not be pregnant at this point. I was so sure that my baby would be here before Christmas then that didnt happen, I had the whole week after Christmas off from work and I was sure that she would come that week......That didnt happen. I basicaly spent that whole week walking,cleaning,hanging out with my mom, and sleeping. I was so freaking tired that week. This day was horrible I was so emotional, I was worried because I wanted my baby to come before the end of the year because then everything would be covered under my insurance, and it just wasnt happenin. Then we thought that my couisin was going to have her baby this day and she wasnt due until two weeks after me....... that was the last straw, I seriouly just cried. It didnt matter what people said that day it would make me cry !!!! I went to my moms house to hang out and me and Nicki and her "little" dog Syd just curled up on the couch and slept. So this is me and 39 weeks pregant and I think Nicki is around 20 or 21 weeks pregnant.

As I got to the end of my pregnancy and just wanted my baby here soooo freakin bad I realized some things all the women I talked to were like go walking, try caster oil ect...... they were all about getting the baby here. All the guys were like she will come when she's ready it will be okay ect.... I just found that kinda interesting !!!! Even my brothers friend ( who is not married or has no girlfriend and really no expierence with babies or pregnant women) was very reasuring in the fact that "she" ( my baby ) would come when she is ready. ) REALLY...... When he told me that I almost killed him how the hell would he know. I know he was trying to be suportive and since its the thought that counts, and earlier that day he had offered to take me for a ride on his razor to help me go into labor I didnt go phycho pregnant beotch on him, but I kinda found it funney after the fact.......

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I hate to study !!!

Its that time of year again, the annual rocking v tests ahhhhh I hate spending my time studying at night I would much rather, stock blogs and watch t.v !!! ha ha It will be nice to start waitresing again though ( I love me extra spending m0ney !!! ) So far this week I have done good on the exercize and eating front hopefully the scale shows me some love on Thurs at weight watchers.

p.s I obviously should have studied more earlier in life because I think there are maybe two words in this post that are spelled correctly.

Friday, March 4, 2011

kicken butt

This has been a great week for me at my weight watchers weigh in last night I lost 5.4lbs yeah !!!! Now if I can just keep it up. Now more than ever do I believe its all the little things that add up, this last week if I had candy I counted it ( no more little tastes here and there ) I also started walking on my lunch break, and its amazing. I have thought about doing it in the past but was always worried about what would people think of me out there in my work clothes wondering around, or what shoes should I wear ???? would my work shoes be to uncomfortable .....ect..... ( I really overthink things ) but this week I just did it. It really feels good to go outside get some fresh air, sunshine and excercize in the middle of the day and it really helps with my afternoon cravings. It seem like usually after lunch I just want to eat treats the rest of the day and this has really been helping.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The little things

Workout: 30 mins treadmill ( intervals ) 2 activity points

Points goal 29
egg sand 5points+
mandrin oranges 0points+
apple 0points+
string cheese 0points+
spinich turkey wrap 5points+
cottage chs w/ mandrin oranges 2 points+
orange 0 points+
cupcake 6points+
cherry sours 2points+
pear 0points+
1/2 cookie 6points+
cheeseburger w/ lettuce bun 5 points+
twix 7 points+
Total 39 points
10 weekly points used
39 weekly points left

(side note: even though I went over points I feel good about the fact that I counted everything and none of it was just mindless eating )

So I really have been trying counting "most" of my points, working out ect... Yesterday I was so discurraged because I was tired and didnt want to get up and work out and since I had worked out 6 days in a row I didnt really feel to bad about taking a day off. When I did my daily weigh in I was so annoyed that it wasnt any different that it has been when I had been working my butt of for the last little while. So I decided it was time to get serious and go back to meetings before this gets any worse. The meeting just so happened to be on how just because one serving is 2 points it does mean that 2 servings is 4 ect... So that got me kinda thinking about all the LITTLE things I just pop in my mounth. (aka hershey kisses ) I came home and figured out the points for them um yah 1 piece. So if I have a couple in the afternoon and a couple in the evening freak that could be like 10 extra points a day. and let me tell you Im not one of those people that done eat all her points I dont have points to spare. So this week im and going to track EVERYTHING !!!!! So we will see how it goes. Kinda makes since that im been stuck

Um yah lets call this a "before" picture !!! Hopefully soon there is and "after" picture that looks alot better !!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Tuesday was my mom's birthday so her,my dad,Kaden,Breanna,and Kloe came over and we went to dinner then came to my house for some cake. I love my mom so much she is ALWAYS doing so much for me. She really is my bestfriend, I have to talk to her atleast once everyday most of the time more. She turned 45 so here is 45 of the reasons I love her !!!
1.Shopping trips
2.Going to her house for dinner ( seriouly she wouldnt mind if we came every night )
3. She helps me soooo sooo much with everything.
4. When Ope got hit by a car and I had to take her to Hurricane to the vet she took the day off work and went with us . She drove the whole way with Oprah standing on the console breathing dog breath all over and she never complained once.
5. She's fun to hang out with
6. She drops everything when I need her ( When I have had to go to the doctor recently it wasnt really planned and she dropped everything so we could go that day. )
7. She usually has some kind of gossip to tell me !!! he he he
8. She ran a half marathon with me
9. She lost like 70 pounds with me
10. She always makes me the BEST chocolate cake to take to work and share
11. When something im wearing doesnt look so hot she can tell me in a nice way
12. She can pick out clothes for me
13. she does pick out clothes for me and just buys them for me
14. When ever I do her hair she helps me clean I mean DEAP clean my house
15. She is as excited as I am or more for me to "someday" (hopefully soon) have a baby
16. she's the best grandma ever
17. She still remembers her first grandkids Ope and Bluey ( she buys them presents too )
18. She lets Ope and Bluey climb all over her when she comes to visit ( um yah the are very misbehaved )
19. She taught me work ethic
20. She has more energy than I even dream about ( she broke her foot and had to have surgury so I went over to help her, I get there and she is vacuming the curtins and ceiling !! wtf ??? I dont even do that when im well and fine )
21. Before she broke her foot she would walk like 5 or 6 miles and day (pretty motivating )
22. When we go shopping we always stop at Dairy Queen for a "treat" on the way home.
23. She still gets me an easter basket
24. She gets me a mothers day present too. (cause im Ope and Bluey's momma )
25. She taught me that if its raining or snowing out you might as well just put you're hair in a pony tail
26. She used to let us eat choc pudding for breakfast ( only sometimes )
27. The brady bunch (one day when I was in 2nd grade and home sick from school she told me to watch this show I would like it and I did and I still watch it from time to time.....)
29. The OC ( oh how I loooooved that show, When Nicki and I both lived in Kanab we would have OC night every Thursday. We would get some escobars, and a coke from juction and hang out at Nicki's and watch away)
30. she taught me to clean and to have a clean house ( sometimes im sure she thinks that this isnt true but it is way way deep down in side mom Im as much as a clean freak as you.)
31. hmmmm well she still looks 31and im runnign out of things. Although there are many reasons more why I love my mom. This list probably makes it sound like I just love shopping with her and that she does tons of things for me and buys me stuff but I really do love my mom soooo sooo much and and am soooo THANKFULL for everything she does for me, and I hope someday I can be as wonderful as mom and grandma as she is . I love you mom.
Grandma Shelie and baby Kloe

Oprah wanted some of Kloe's yogurt melts

My dad and kaden
My mom cutting her cake !!!! Thankyou Julie for the yummy cake !!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

points for today

breakfast burito 5points+
banana 0
apple 0
string cheese 2
salad 2
orange 0
protien shake 2
sloppy joe 8
cottage chs 2
milk 2
total 24
Then it all went down hill ...... 3 sugar cookies and lots of chocolate candies ....eek Lets hope that i do better tomarow. In good news I did good with my snacking at work now if I could just control my self better in the evenings....