Monday, February 13, 2012


Here is random things about my pregnancy but it uploaded wierd
30 ish weeks
27- 28 ish weeks

This is just random things and pictures about my pregnancy, I wanted to blog about that before I do the birth story and start blogging all about my little Andee Kay !!!
Finding out I was pregnant- I wanted so bad to be pregnant and have a baby that even when I was a week late I was trying not to get my hopes up. I took a pregnancy test on Sunday and it must have been old or disfunctional or something because it literaly took like 20mins (no joke) to finally read not pregnant. So I went with it I was telling my friend and she was like you have to take another one, and I was like okay maybe next weekend I didnt really think I was pregnant. Then on Wednesday of the same week I was working that night at Rocking V, I hadnt ate the healthiest that day I had some cookies and candy and ate an early lunch, but that really wastn that abnormal for me. So we were busy and I was running around like crazy when I noticed that my eyes where doing something weird. It was like everyone was kinda like twinkling ( it was wierd ) the I started to get black cirlces in front of my eyes. I had never had anything like that happen so I ate a handful of gardeto's and seemed to be fine. That was when I kinda got thinkin that maybe I was pregnant. Another thing that week I was craving steak like no other..... ( I dont really like steak all that much so that was also kinda wierd ) So finally on Friday after work I came home and took another test and what do you know it said pregnant !!!! I was so excited.
I went to the doctor when I was 7 weeks and he confirmed that I was pregnant and the baby had a heart beat and everything looked good. I was so glad but super paranoid that something would happen so we held off on telling everyone for a little while.
First Trimester - I was very lucky I probably had one of the easiest pregnancies in the history. I was able to work both jobs the whole time and everyone was very understanding. I wasnt very sick just nautious alot,and really tired but I didnt care if it meant that my baby was healthy and growing then I would take it. If I had a day that I wasnt nautious I got worried !! In June we got to hear the heart beat that was one of the best days I was so happy to hear that and know that everything was okay.
Second Trimester - It was great, I was so glad to have energy again.
Third Trimester - Every thing was going good.... I still had energy sleeping wasnt to uncomfortable yet. Then at about 37 weeks I got a cold. Holy mother I have never had a cold that bad in my life it was horrible. My nose ran constantly, coughing.... freak I thought poor Andee was going to get shaking baby syndrom I would get coughing fits and just hold my stomache. It was literaly still coughing 3 or 4 weeks later in the delivery room when I had her.
Over all pregancy wasnt that bad for my I only gained like 30ish pounds and worked right up until the day I had her.

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