Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Weekend

Havin some good redneck fun at the derby !!!!!

Side note: I have done some kind of a workout everyday for the last week except for Wed , and made it through the weekend with some weight watchers weekly points left !!!! (thats a major success )Now heres for a succesful week 2 !!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things I Love about Sundays




Saturday, August 7, 2010


5k 28 mins 331 calories

Me and Breanna did the 5k run for the fair this morning, It was a good time !!!! Here is Laci,Breanna,me and Kloe our little cheerleader at my moms house before the race.

I got my boutiful basket today, and im determined to use everything in there, and cook more so I started with this: chopped it up

Gettin creative !!!!. I mixed this stuff with some curry powder, basil leaves, and a little bit of splenda.

Threw the veggies in one of these.

I love these things, they are amazing. Im all about cooking in the wicrowave ~ I could probably cook thanksgiving dinner in there !!!!

Cooked up some of this

I then through the vegetables,coconut milk,and spices in a pan heated it up mixed all together good, and ...........sorta like a low fat thai curry.
This is how it turned out, im very surprised it turned out so good since I was kinda just going with what I had and not really following a recipie or anything, and Bill actually liked it ALOT !!!! yeah for me. I estimated it to be about 4 or 5 ww points with a 1/2 cup of rice

Friday, August 6, 2010

I did it

Workout: 38 mins legs&glutes 258calories, 110 crunches
I actually got out of bed and worked out today finaly and it feels so good. I need to remember that every morning !!! This is the first time I had done that workout and it was good. My legs were jello long before it was over. Here is my breakfast total ww points:5

Thursday, August 5, 2010

tomarrows a new day

So total workouts for the week: 1 1hour walk, im really giving it my all lately ha ha oh well tomarrows a new day, and a new weight watchers week time to get serious and be more acountable. At least my eating hasnt been that at least im maintaining.but im not going to lie I freakin love these things amazing ....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Do Something !!!

Thats my plan !!! I signed up for a half marathon on July 17th and I have been really struggling to train for it. Im on this kick where I do really good getting up and going running 4 or so times a week, for a week, then the next week NADA THING AHHHH its so frusterating. I want to get up but its tired !!! ha ha Sometimes I feel like if im not running then no other workout is worth the time cause I burn the most calories when I run even though I know how important cross training, and weights are. So im telling my self that all I have to run is 3 days a week. This week it will be Tues, Thurs and "probably" Sat !!! Then on the other days all I have to do is one of my workout dvd's ( with one rest day ) even if its just 20 mins I always feel so much better and have more energy after I work out. P.s I work full time at one job and 3 or 4 nights a week at another waitressing so I feel like thats a valid excuse.....right ???? It is for me !!!! We have a thing going at rocking v where I waitress that we will all do 200 crunches a day this week so I will be doing those as well. !!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

When Life gives you lemons.....

So I guess when life gives you lemons they say you are supposed to make lemonade ...right or do tequilia shots one or the other but lets be honest my lemons have been sitting in the fridge gettting moldy ewww..... Heres the story ever since I tried to do the 13miles at one time on the treadmill its never been the same ( I dont know why ???) and probably never will. Its got so bad that I cant run on it(and since I dont really want to buy a new one right now )instead of walking I have mostly just been sleeping in ..... NOT EXERCIZING ummm... not so smart. Not with my less than steller eating habits Ive had lately it hasnt equelled out to a very good picture. Okay so its not that bad I only gained like 7lbs not 70 but it must stop here, and its going to. Hers how
1. until its light enough out side to run in the morning I will be running after work on the nights I dont work at rocking v ( I tried it today just to make sure it wouldnt kill me and it didnt so here I go...)
2.On days that I have to work at rocking v im going to crank the incline and walk on the treadmill I might not burn as many calories as running but anything is better than nothing.
3. Eating habits they need to improve I dont need 7 treat nights a week maybe one or two and they are treat "nights" not days or weeks !!!!
4. Weights at least 3 days a week, pilats 2 and abs at least every other day..... about the abs the time has come for the ole abs to step it up a litte. More on that later.....
so thats the plan 4 easy little steps right.....right so here is dinner for tonight

I threw these things (not all at the same time !!) in the microwave and cooked dinner while mopping the floor!!!! oh yah thats multi tasking at its best people.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Back on Track

Im happy to anounce that I feel like I did a good job last week. My goal was to do something every day and I did I dragged my self out of bed,and im glad. Its amazing what a little exercize will do for you, im seriously so much happier, and productive when im working out. So my goals for this week are 3 firm workouts and cardio 6 days. So far so good !!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

workout goals for the week.

Ive been so bad lately this week im trying to just do something (anything) just workout out 6 days so here we go. I also started another round of the firm and they guarentee results in 10 workouts. Ive done this many times and those people they dont lie so here is to hopefully losing some inches in the next "10" workouts
Mon- 25mins firm (hi-def scultp express) 45 mins treadmill DONE
Tues- 30 min treamill Done 1/2 hour doge walk EXTRA EXTRA go me !!!
Wed - Firm hardcore fusion and at least 1/2 hours treamill (hopefully) a walk with the dogs ( if I have time after work)
Thurs treadmill 1 hour
Fri Firm hi def sculpt, 45 mins treadmil, and a dog walk
Sat 1 hour treadmill, possibly a dog walk
Also Im trying to just be more active in general, ( doing more after work except fixing dinner and then sitting at the computer or watching tv all night.) I swept the floor tonight so im going to consider that a sucess !!!! Also I defently need to start doing more ab work and some pilates so we will see when I fit that in. My eating today was great though defently some thumbs up for me hopefully the scale will show me some love in the morning !!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fresh start Friday

Fresh start Friday was a sucsess !!!! It feels nice to be able to say that. I was able to get out of bed and do 50 mins on the treadmill and I ran for about 35 of that. I didnt go over my points, and got in all my fruits and vegetables so im happy about that. Now im off to lunch with my friends. Soon im going to post pics of these pants I got sorta like some before and afters. My sister gave them to me and they are just a little to tight to be seen in public at this point so after a couple weeks of hard work we will try them again !!!! Happy Saterday everyone ......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finally Thursday !!!

Im so glad its Thursday because that means Friday is tomarrow thank god and halaluah !!!! So dont know if im quite ready to have my weight posted for the whole wide world to see. So a quick up date today wasnt pretty im not going to lye, but I have a plan. Fresh start Friday sounds good huh ??? So tomarrow im back on track eating right and working out HARD. Im going to post my plan of workouts for the next week. The scale was ugly but im not worried im not going to regain the 70lbs I worked so hard to lose, there is no freaking way im going back up that road again ever..... Im still going to have my treat tonight though so with out further ado ...
heavenly muffins I have a weekness and Ive been holding out so please dont let me down. later

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My plan

Im a planner, I cant help it I always have some sort of a plan going on about something. I just cant do something I have to plan in all out even if its just in my head so heres the "plan" for my blog. The whole time I was losing weight I would way in on Thursdays, because that's the day they have weight watchers here, so thats what im going to do here too. I dont always go to weight watchers everytime now because im life time so technically I only have to go once a month ( I know bad !!but something usually comes up ) Anyways I ALWAYS weigh my self everymoring to keep in check, so on Thurs mornings I will weigh myself and post it so that I can compare from week to week. Currently im about 5lbs over my "happy weight" and 15lbs away from my OMG WOW weight. I have never actually been at my OMG WOW weight but when I get there it will me AMAZING !!!! Also I plan to post what im eating and my points along with my workouts so keep myself accountable. Also let me mention Thurs in my treat night, I know I can have treats at any time and I do (sometimes) but right now I try to contain the "good" (aka bad for me treats ) to once a week. So when you see me devouring ben and jerrys on Thurs thats okay thats how I do things !!!!! (so far it has worked out well for me ) Then on Friday I start with a clean slate and we go through it all again. so here my stats for today:
workout: 45mins treadmill 35 runing 10 walking burned 394calories ( I use a heart rate monitor = 3 activity points
food Breakfast 1 cup special K 2pnts
1/2 cup milk 1pnt
1/2 c mandrin oranges 1pnt
snacks apple sauce 1pnt
grapes 1cup 1pnt
apple 1 pnt
I ate a late lunch aroung 2:30 thats why so many snacks
lunch bean,cheese, and rice burito 5pnts
dinner salmon 2pnts
1/2 c corn 1pnt
salad (with lemon juice and a little salsa) 0pnts
1 slice bread 2nts
1 cup milk 2pnts
so that currenty puts me and 19points and I get 24 for the day I think my night time little treat is going to me some 1pnt cupcakes and a 1pnt pudding leaving me at 21points for the day. Im under today but trust me that dont happen often so im not worring about it !!!!! Its always my goal to get in my 5 servings or more of fruit and vegatables a day and today I did it Yeah for me !!! So thats all for tonight !!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Story

I was over weight my whole life, from the time I was nine on I was always on a diet, no sugar, no sweets, only cerial ect.... I would start over weekly if not daily. In 2004 I was at my highest weight some how over the next year I lost 20lbs but I was still pretty big. In 2006 I started weightwatchers for the first time I did good for a while losing almost another 20lbs but then I started to relax and would follow the program for one day only to binge for the next 6 (I wasnt ready to change my lifestyle for good) always starting over every Monday. That 20lbs didnt stay gone for long by the end of 2007 It was back. I knew that I needed to get control or else the other 20lbs would be back before I knew it. Even though I wasnt activly following weight watchers I believed in it I had seen it work for others and I knew it could work for me. In early 2008 two things happened, the 1st I talked my mom into joing weight watchers with me, It was nice to a someone I could talk to who was counting points and was always there for me. My mom had instant sucess she did so good I would still have my on weeks followed my off weeks so I was basically staying the same. Then in March the 2nd thing happened. I wrecked my four wheeler and cracked my ribs,( it wasnt and tramatic as I like to believe !!! ) I had never been hurt before and I was in some serious ( for me ) pain. For the first time in my life I couldnt work out, I had gone throught lots of periods of time were I didnt work out but never because I wasnt physicaly able.I didnt go to the doctor when it first happend because I always thought there is nothing that they can do for broke ribs so I was just going to tuff it out.... The first week wasnt pretty I wasnt on ANY pain meds but ibeprofen and that just wasnt cutting it,I was convinced some how if I ate enought browines,nibs,junction coke,tator tot caserole,and pizza that it would make me feel better. No such luck when I went to weight watchers that week I had gained 4lbs (not surprising ) the next day when I went to work I was in so much pain I just started crying ( which just put me in more pain ) thats when my co-worker made me go to the doctor ( she drove me there !!). They confirmed that my ribs were cracked and the what do you know there was something they could do for me LORATAB !!!! It was from heavan. They released me and told me to take it easy for a few days. By Monday I was ready to "start over" I knew I couldnt eat like that again, and with not being able to work out was was going to need to follow weightwatchers to a t. So It did I told my self I had to give it one more "real" try. So that week I did it I ate all my daily points got my fruits and vegetables, and what do you know I wasnt hungry and when I weighed in I had lost everything I gained the week before plus some. That was all the motivation I needed I was on my way, two weeks after "the great fourwheeler incindent of 2008" I started working out again. Before I was always pushing my self I would feel like if I couldnt fun for along time then I wasnt getting a good work out why bother. Now there was not way I could run, it was almost like a relief I had to just walk and thats how I started out just walking on the treadmill. Eventualy about two months later I started running again nice and slow I started the couch to 5k program. I combined that with workouts by The Firm and kept losing. I told my self I just wanted to lose something every week and most weeks I did. There was of coarse some weeks were I didnt lose anything and a few were I even gained but as longs as I was following the plan I didnt let it bother me, I just kept going. Throught out 2008 I lost about 35lbs and in March of 2009 I reached my goal weight and in April 2009 I recieved lifetime at weightwatchers. I ran my first 10k in May 09 finishing in 59mins I ran another one in October and beat my time by 3mins. In Dec 09 I ran a half marothon finishing in (around) 2hrs30mins I was so proud. I have come along way and intend to stay in shape this blog is to keep me accountable and maybe insprire someone else along thier way ......