Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Do Something !!!

Thats my plan !!! I signed up for a half marathon on July 17th and I have been really struggling to train for it. Im on this kick where I do really good getting up and going running 4 or so times a week, for a week, then the next week NADA THING AHHHH its so frusterating. I want to get up but its tired !!! ha ha Sometimes I feel like if im not running then no other workout is worth the time cause I burn the most calories when I run even though I know how important cross training, and weights are. So im telling my self that all I have to run is 3 days a week. This week it will be Tues, Thurs and "probably" Sat !!! Then on the other days all I have to do is one of my workout dvd's ( with one rest day ) even if its just 20 mins I always feel so much better and have more energy after I work out. P.s I work full time at one job and 3 or 4 nights a week at another waitressing so I feel like thats a valid excuse.....right ???? It is for me !!!! We have a thing going at rocking v where I waitress that we will all do 200 crunches a day this week so I will be doing those as well. !!!!

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