Thursday, April 15, 2010

When Life gives you lemons.....

So I guess when life gives you lemons they say you are supposed to make lemonade ...right or do tequilia shots one or the other but lets be honest my lemons have been sitting in the fridge gettting moldy ewww..... Heres the story ever since I tried to do the 13miles at one time on the treadmill its never been the same ( I dont know why ???) and probably never will. Its got so bad that I cant run on it(and since I dont really want to buy a new one right now )instead of walking I have mostly just been sleeping in ..... NOT EXERCIZING ummm... not so smart. Not with my less than steller eating habits Ive had lately it hasnt equelled out to a very good picture. Okay so its not that bad I only gained like 7lbs not 70 but it must stop here, and its going to. Hers how
1. until its light enough out side to run in the morning I will be running after work on the nights I dont work at rocking v ( I tried it today just to make sure it wouldnt kill me and it didnt so here I go...)
2.On days that I have to work at rocking v im going to crank the incline and walk on the treadmill I might not burn as many calories as running but anything is better than nothing.
3. Eating habits they need to improve I dont need 7 treat nights a week maybe one or two and they are treat "nights" not days or weeks !!!!
4. Weights at least 3 days a week, pilats 2 and abs at least every other day..... about the abs the time has come for the ole abs to step it up a litte. More on that later.....
so thats the plan 4 easy little steps right.....right so here is dinner for tonight

I threw these things (not all at the same time !!) in the microwave and cooked dinner while mopping the floor!!!! oh yah thats multi tasking at its best people.

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