Monday, February 8, 2010

My Story

I was over weight my whole life, from the time I was nine on I was always on a diet, no sugar, no sweets, only cerial ect.... I would start over weekly if not daily. In 2004 I was at my highest weight some how over the next year I lost 20lbs but I was still pretty big. In 2006 I started weightwatchers for the first time I did good for a while losing almost another 20lbs but then I started to relax and would follow the program for one day only to binge for the next 6 (I wasnt ready to change my lifestyle for good) always starting over every Monday. That 20lbs didnt stay gone for long by the end of 2007 It was back. I knew that I needed to get control or else the other 20lbs would be back before I knew it. Even though I wasnt activly following weight watchers I believed in it I had seen it work for others and I knew it could work for me. In early 2008 two things happened, the 1st I talked my mom into joing weight watchers with me, It was nice to a someone I could talk to who was counting points and was always there for me. My mom had instant sucess she did so good I would still have my on weeks followed my off weeks so I was basically staying the same. Then in March the 2nd thing happened. I wrecked my four wheeler and cracked my ribs,( it wasnt and tramatic as I like to believe !!! ) I had never been hurt before and I was in some serious ( for me ) pain. For the first time in my life I couldnt work out, I had gone throught lots of periods of time were I didnt work out but never because I wasnt physicaly able.I didnt go to the doctor when it first happend because I always thought there is nothing that they can do for broke ribs so I was just going to tuff it out.... The first week wasnt pretty I wasnt on ANY pain meds but ibeprofen and that just wasnt cutting it,I was convinced some how if I ate enought browines,nibs,junction coke,tator tot caserole,and pizza that it would make me feel better. No such luck when I went to weight watchers that week I had gained 4lbs (not surprising ) the next day when I went to work I was in so much pain I just started crying ( which just put me in more pain ) thats when my co-worker made me go to the doctor ( she drove me there !!). They confirmed that my ribs were cracked and the what do you know there was something they could do for me LORATAB !!!! It was from heavan. They released me and told me to take it easy for a few days. By Monday I was ready to "start over" I knew I couldnt eat like that again, and with not being able to work out was was going to need to follow weightwatchers to a t. So It did I told my self I had to give it one more "real" try. So that week I did it I ate all my daily points got my fruits and vegetables, and what do you know I wasnt hungry and when I weighed in I had lost everything I gained the week before plus some. That was all the motivation I needed I was on my way, two weeks after "the great fourwheeler incindent of 2008" I started working out again. Before I was always pushing my self I would feel like if I couldnt fun for along time then I wasnt getting a good work out why bother. Now there was not way I could run, it was almost like a relief I had to just walk and thats how I started out just walking on the treadmill. Eventualy about two months later I started running again nice and slow I started the couch to 5k program. I combined that with workouts by The Firm and kept losing. I told my self I just wanted to lose something every week and most weeks I did. There was of coarse some weeks were I didnt lose anything and a few were I even gained but as longs as I was following the plan I didnt let it bother me, I just kept going. Throught out 2008 I lost about 35lbs and in March of 2009 I reached my goal weight and in April 2009 I recieved lifetime at weightwatchers. I ran my first 10k in May 09 finishing in 59mins I ran another one in October and beat my time by 3mins. In Dec 09 I ran a half marothon finishing in (around) 2hrs30mins I was so proud. I have come along way and intend to stay in shape this blog is to keep me accountable and maybe insprire someone else along thier way ......

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