Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My plan

Im a planner, I cant help it I always have some sort of a plan going on about something. I just cant do something I have to plan in all out even if its just in my head so heres the "plan" for my blog. The whole time I was losing weight I would way in on Thursdays, because that's the day they have weight watchers here, so thats what im going to do here too. I dont always go to weight watchers everytime now because im life time so technically I only have to go once a month ( I know bad !!but something usually comes up ) Anyways I ALWAYS weigh my self everymoring to keep in check, so on Thurs mornings I will weigh myself and post it so that I can compare from week to week. Currently im about 5lbs over my "happy weight" and 15lbs away from my OMG WOW weight. I have never actually been at my OMG WOW weight but when I get there it will me AMAZING !!!! Also I plan to post what im eating and my points along with my workouts so keep myself accountable. Also let me mention Thurs in my treat night, I know I can have treats at any time and I do (sometimes) but right now I try to contain the "good" (aka bad for me treats ) to once a week. So when you see me devouring ben and jerrys on Thurs thats okay thats how I do things !!!!! (so far it has worked out well for me ) Then on Friday I start with a clean slate and we go through it all again. so here my stats for today:
workout: 45mins treadmill 35 runing 10 walking burned 394calories ( I use a heart rate monitor = 3 activity points
food Breakfast 1 cup special K 2pnts
1/2 cup milk 1pnt
1/2 c mandrin oranges 1pnt
snacks apple sauce 1pnt
grapes 1cup 1pnt
apple 1 pnt
I ate a late lunch aroung 2:30 thats why so many snacks
lunch bean,cheese, and rice burito 5pnts
dinner salmon 2pnts
1/2 c corn 1pnt
salad (with lemon juice and a little salsa) 0pnts
1 slice bread 2nts
1 cup milk 2pnts
so that currenty puts me and 19points and I get 24 for the day I think my night time little treat is going to me some 1pnt cupcakes and a 1pnt pudding leaving me at 21points for the day. Im under today but trust me that dont happen often so im not worring about it !!!!! Its always my goal to get in my 5 servings or more of fruit and vegatables a day and today I did it Yeah for me !!! So thats all for tonight !!!

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