Tuesday, February 16, 2010

workout goals for the week.

Ive been so bad lately this week im trying to just do something (anything) just workout out 6 days so here we go. I also started another round of the firm and they guarentee results in 10 workouts. Ive done this many times and those people they dont lie so here is to hopefully losing some inches in the next "10" workouts
Mon- 25mins firm (hi-def scultp express) 45 mins treadmill DONE
Tues- 30 min treamill Done 1/2 hour doge walk EXTRA EXTRA go me !!!
Wed - Firm hardcore fusion and at least 1/2 hours treamill (hopefully) a walk with the dogs ( if I have time after work)
Thurs treadmill 1 hour
Fri Firm hi def sculpt, 45 mins treadmil, and a dog walk
Sat 1 hour treadmill, possibly a dog walk
Also Im trying to just be more active in general, ( doing more after work except fixing dinner and then sitting at the computer or watching tv all night.) I swept the floor tonight so im going to consider that a sucess !!!! Also I defently need to start doing more ab work and some pilates so we will see when I fit that in. My eating today was great though defently some thumbs up for me hopefully the scale will show me some love in the morning !!!!

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