Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finally Thursday !!!

Im so glad its Thursday because that means Friday is tomarrow thank god and halaluah !!!! So dont know if im quite ready to have my weight posted for the whole wide world to see. So a quick up date today wasnt pretty im not going to lye, but I have a plan. Fresh start Friday sounds good huh ??? So tomarrow im back on track eating right and working out HARD. Im going to post my plan of workouts for the next week. The scale was ugly but im not worried im not going to regain the 70lbs I worked so hard to lose, there is no freaking way im going back up that road again ever..... Im still going to have my treat tonight though so with out further ado ...
heavenly muffins I have a weekness and Ive been holding out so please dont let me down. later

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