Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Tuesday was my mom's birthday so her,my dad,Kaden,Breanna,and Kloe came over and we went to dinner then came to my house for some cake. I love my mom so much she is ALWAYS doing so much for me. She really is my bestfriend, I have to talk to her atleast once everyday most of the time more. She turned 45 so here is 45 of the reasons I love her !!!
1.Shopping trips
2.Going to her house for dinner ( seriouly she wouldnt mind if we came every night )
3. She helps me soooo sooo much with everything.
4. When Ope got hit by a car and I had to take her to Hurricane to the vet she took the day off work and went with us . She drove the whole way with Oprah standing on the console breathing dog breath all over and she never complained once.
5. She's fun to hang out with
6. She drops everything when I need her ( When I have had to go to the doctor recently it wasnt really planned and she dropped everything so we could go that day. )
7. She usually has some kind of gossip to tell me !!! he he he
8. She ran a half marathon with me
9. She lost like 70 pounds with me
10. She always makes me the BEST chocolate cake to take to work and share
11. When something im wearing doesnt look so hot she can tell me in a nice way
12. She can pick out clothes for me
13. she does pick out clothes for me and just buys them for me
14. When ever I do her hair she helps me clean I mean DEAP clean my house
15. She is as excited as I am or more for me to "someday" (hopefully soon) have a baby
16. she's the best grandma ever
17. She still remembers her first grandkids Ope and Bluey ( she buys them presents too )
18. She lets Ope and Bluey climb all over her when she comes to visit ( um yah the are very misbehaved )
19. She taught me work ethic
20. She has more energy than I even dream about ( she broke her foot and had to have surgury so I went over to help her, I get there and she is vacuming the curtins and ceiling !! wtf ??? I dont even do that when im well and fine )
21. Before she broke her foot she would walk like 5 or 6 miles and day (pretty motivating )
22. When we go shopping we always stop at Dairy Queen for a "treat" on the way home.
23. She still gets me an easter basket
24. She gets me a mothers day present too. (cause im Ope and Bluey's momma )
25. She taught me that if its raining or snowing out you might as well just put you're hair in a pony tail
26. She used to let us eat choc pudding for breakfast ( only sometimes )
27. The brady bunch (one day when I was in 2nd grade and home sick from school she told me to watch this show I would like it and I did and I still watch it from time to time.....)
29. The OC ( oh how I loooooved that show, When Nicki and I both lived in Kanab we would have OC night every Thursday. We would get some escobars, and a coke from juction and hang out at Nicki's and watch away)
30. she taught me to clean and to have a clean house ( sometimes im sure she thinks that this isnt true but it is way way deep down in side mom Im as much as a clean freak as you.)
31. hmmmm well she still looks 31and im runnign out of things. Although there are many reasons more why I love my mom. This list probably makes it sound like I just love shopping with her and that she does tons of things for me and buys me stuff but I really do love my mom soooo sooo much and and am soooo THANKFULL for everything she does for me, and I hope someday I can be as wonderful as mom and grandma as she is . I love you mom.
Grandma Shelie and baby Kloe

Oprah wanted some of Kloe's yogurt melts

My dad and kaden
My mom cutting her cake !!!! Thankyou Julie for the yummy cake !!!!

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