Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vegas 2010

In December my mom and I ran the LasVegas rock and roll half marathon. We had a lot fun Im so used to running by myself it was nice to have someone to talk to the whole time.

We went to Vegas the day before and we wanted to make sure that we had plenty of time to shop so I think we left at like 6:30 in the morning !!!! Oh we had plenty of time to shop we were in Vegas by 10:00. My dad is such a trooper at such events he gladly just came along and drove us around to store after store, mall after mall. Even when we would tell him a wrong road and we would get a little lost he would just joke about it. Seriously he had me laughing so hard a few times there was seriouly tears running down my face. We had to go pick up our running packets at the expo at Harrahs, well the nfr is taking place the same weekend and thats the same place as cowboy chrismas. So trying to find a place to park was pretty much imposible. After driving around the parking garage forever we saw these people standing in a space saving it. So we were like what the heck thats what we are going to have to do so we waited till we saw some people getting off the elevator and then kinda followed them to their car and my mom jumped out to save their place. Well it sounded like a good plan but another car wanted the place too so the freakin people started yelling mean names at my mom, but we got the place !!!! (maybe you had to bring their but at the time I was laughing, evan my mom thought it was pretty funney )Later that day we were still joking about it we met up with Nicki and her and my mom were riding in her car and my dad would be all hey call youre mom and tell her to get out and save us a place in the parking lot !!!!! After a day of shopping with my mom I was already exhausted by the time it was time to run the next morning !!!!
I was so glad when it was over. We didnt get to do to many fun "vegas" things the night before, but we went a few places and did a few things. Nicki tried to talk us into going out and living it up....... but maybe next time !!!!

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