Wednesday, February 16, 2011

points for today

breakfast burito 5points+
banana 0
apple 0
string cheese 2
salad 2
orange 0
protien shake 2
sloppy joe 8
cottage chs 2
milk 2
total 24
Then it all went down hill ...... 3 sugar cookies and lots of chocolate candies ....eek Lets hope that i do better tomarow. In good news I did good with my snacking at work now if I could just control my self better in the evenings....

1 comment:

Jana said...

Good job...Keep up the good work. I seem to be that way too. Eat really really good during the day (most of the time:) Then after dinner I just get a big FAT craving for sweets...and then I decide that Kasen and I should make cookies and totally sabatoge myself. I have only had 4 chocolate chip cookies today....ugh...I swear...Great work!