Friday, March 4, 2011

kicken butt

This has been a great week for me at my weight watchers weigh in last night I lost 5.4lbs yeah !!!! Now if I can just keep it up. Now more than ever do I believe its all the little things that add up, this last week if I had candy I counted it ( no more little tastes here and there ) I also started walking on my lunch break, and its amazing. I have thought about doing it in the past but was always worried about what would people think of me out there in my work clothes wondering around, or what shoes should I wear ???? would my work shoes be to uncomfortable .....ect..... ( I really overthink things ) but this week I just did it. It really feels good to go outside get some fresh air, sunshine and excercize in the middle of the day and it really helps with my afternoon cravings. It seem like usually after lunch I just want to eat treats the rest of the day and this has really been helping.

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MuncherCruncher said...

5.4 LBS!?!?! Candi, that is AMAZING! It's the little things that add up! I love that you are taking advantage of your lunch break as well. Way to be so diligent! You are awesome! xoxoxo Megs