Friday, February 25, 2011

The little things

Workout: 30 mins treadmill ( intervals ) 2 activity points

Points goal 29
egg sand 5points+
mandrin oranges 0points+
apple 0points+
string cheese 0points+
spinich turkey wrap 5points+
cottage chs w/ mandrin oranges 2 points+
orange 0 points+
cupcake 6points+
cherry sours 2points+
pear 0points+
1/2 cookie 6points+
cheeseburger w/ lettuce bun 5 points+
twix 7 points+
Total 39 points
10 weekly points used
39 weekly points left

(side note: even though I went over points I feel good about the fact that I counted everything and none of it was just mindless eating )

So I really have been trying counting "most" of my points, working out ect... Yesterday I was so discurraged because I was tired and didnt want to get up and work out and since I had worked out 6 days in a row I didnt really feel to bad about taking a day off. When I did my daily weigh in I was so annoyed that it wasnt any different that it has been when I had been working my butt of for the last little while. So I decided it was time to get serious and go back to meetings before this gets any worse. The meeting just so happened to be on how just because one serving is 2 points it does mean that 2 servings is 4 ect... So that got me kinda thinking about all the LITTLE things I just pop in my mounth. (aka hershey kisses ) I came home and figured out the points for them um yah 1 piece. So if I have a couple in the afternoon and a couple in the evening freak that could be like 10 extra points a day. and let me tell you Im not one of those people that done eat all her points I dont have points to spare. So this week im and going to track EVERYTHING !!!!! So we will see how it goes. Kinda makes since that im been stuck

Um yah lets call this a "before" picture !!! Hopefully soon there is and "after" picture that looks alot better !!!

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Jana said...

UM....Candi...You look awesome already....Keep it up girl. LOVE READING YOUR BLOG!!!